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  1. Illinois DNR
  2. Water Resources


Safety At Dams

Free-Flowing Stream Sections Restored By Removal/Modification of Low-Head Dams


Ellsworth Park Dam Conservation Plan 2014

Yorkville Dam Project

Batavia Dam Project
Alternative Evaluation Report, Replacement of Upper Batavia Dam, December 2000 available upon request.

Stratton and Algonquin Dams


GIS Products

OWR GIS Maps Page


Engineering Reports


Lake Michigan

  • Lake Michigan Permit Guidelines 2012
  • Lake Michigan Water Allocation Report 2005
  • Lake Michigan Water Conservation Goals 2010


Water Rate Surveys


Report Summary Tables

Proposed Lake Michigan Water Allocation Rules (3730) Change



Water Supply

  • The Drought of 2012 (8 MB)

  • St Illinois Drought Plan 2011 (2 MB)

  • January 2015 action Plan for Statewide Water Supply Planning (657 KB)



Office of Water Resources Permit Application Form


Floodplain Publications




    Last updated 3/07/2013