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Public Notices


Public Notice:  Proposed Class II Dam, in Village of Northbrook, IL, Cook County, IL. Notice expires September 7, 2016. 
Public Notice:  Zion Solutions, construction of a temporary roadway/ramp in the Lake Michigan nearshore, at the Zion Nuclear Plant, in Zion, IL, Lake County, IL. Notice expires September 13, 2016. 
Public Notice:  Chicago Park District, floating jetski dock, in Lake Michigan at North Avenue Beach, Chicago, IL, in Cook County, IL. Notice expires September 13, 2016. 
Public Notice:  Proposed Construction of Access Channel Between Illinois River and Existing Lake at Spring Bay, IL, in WoodfordCounty, IL. Notice expires September 13, 2016. 
​Public Notice:  Waukegan Port District, floating canoe/kayak launch, in Lake Michigan at Waukegan Harbor, Waukegan, IL, Lake County, IL. Notice expires September 13, 2016. 
​Public Notice: Temporary Crossings of the Little Calumet River , Lansing, IL, Cook County, IL. Comment Period expires September 21, 2016. 
​Public Notice:  North Shore Water Reclamation District, scour protection for two sanitary lines under the Waukegan River, Waukegan, IL, Lake County, IL. Comment Period expires September 23, 2016.