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  1. Illinois DNR
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  3. Public Notices

Public Notices 

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Riprap Pier Protection, Temporary Causeway and Cofferdams in Wabash River, Lawrence County.  Notice Expires April 16, 2015.

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Chenot Lake Dam, St. Clair County.  Notice Expires April 18, 2015.

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Proposed Monopiles and Loadout Conveyor in the Illinois River, Dynegy Operating Company, Mason County.  Notice Expires April 18, 2015.

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Proposed White Sand Barge Terminal on the Illinois River, Lasalle County.  Notice Expires April 18, 2015.

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Halverson Construction Company, Temporary Causeways in the Illinois River. Morgan and Pike County.  Notice Expires May 4, 2015.

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Two Temporary Causeways Within the Hennepin Feeder Canal In The City of Rock Falls. Whitesde County.  Notice Expires May 4, 2015.

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Midwest Generation, maintenance dredging in Lake Michigan at the Waukegan Generating Station. Lake County.  Notice Expires May 11, 2015.

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Stormwater Diversion Tunnel below Foster Avenue, Chicago Department of Transportation, Cook County.  Notice Expires May 7, 2015. File 1 , 2 , 3

 PUBLIC NOTICE:  Lighthouse Cove LLC Proposed Dock Expansion, Monroe County.  Notice Expires May 9, 2015.