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  3. Permits - Statewide, Regional, General

Permits - Statewide, Regional, General  

Statewide Permits

Statewide Permit #01 - Construction in the flood fringe of the Rock River below its confluence
                                 with the Green River.
Statewide Permit #02 - Construction Of Bridge and Culvert Crossings of Streams in Rural Areas.
Statewide Permit #03 - Authorizing mooring facilities used exclusively for barge fleeting
Statewide Permit #04 - Aerial utility crossings
Statewide Permit #05 - Minor boat docks
Statewide Permit #06 - Minor non-obstructive floodway construction activities.
Statewide Permit #07 - Outfalls
Statewide Permit #08 - Underground pipeline and utility crossings.
Statewide Permit #09 - Minor shoreline, stream bank, and channel protection aActivities.
Statewide Permit #10 - Accessory structures and additions to existing redidential buildings.
Statewide Permit #11 - Minor maintenance dredging activities.
Statewide Permit #12 - Bridge and culvert replacement structures and bridge widenings.
Statewide Permit #13 - Temporary construction activities.
Statewide Permit #14 - Special uses of public waters.
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Regional Permits

Regional Permit #03  

General Permits

General Permit 1-LM