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Engineering and Water Resource Links

Hydraulic Engineering Links

USGS - Real time precipitation table
USGS - Real time river stages
SWS - State Water Survey - Flood Discharge Database
IIHR - Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research
IAHR - The International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research
CHL - Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory - Waterways Experiment Station
St. Louis District COE - Water Control



Our Community & Flooding (PDF)
USGS publications
ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers
Chicagoland Expressway Congestion Map
St. Louis Traffic Map
Dams and Obstructions in the Chicago Area (Non-OWR site)
NWS - National Weather Service - Illinois Daily Climate Maps


iPhone Apps

AutoCAD WS By Autodesk Inc. View, edit, and share your DWG™ files with anyone, anywhere. AutoCAD WS mobile app enables you to work with AutoCAD drawings directly on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.


ArcGIS By ESRI. ArcGIS is a great way to discover and use maps. Maps come to life in ArcGIS. Tap on the map or use your current location and discover information about what you see. You can query the map, search and find interesting information, measure distances and areas of interest and share maps with others.



State and Federal Agencies

State of Illinois Home Page
IDNR - Illinois Department of Natural Resources
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
IEMA - Illinois Emergency Management Agency
SWS - State Water Survey - Illinois Water and Climate Summary
USCoE - The United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • CoE
  • - Chicago Corps of Engineers Office
  • CoE
  • - St. Louis Corps of Engineers Office
  • CoE
  • - Rock Island Corps of Engineers Office
  • CoE
  • - Louisville Corps of Engineers Office
  • CoE
  • - Memphis Corps of Engineers Office
    USDA-NRCS - US Dept. of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service
    ISGS - Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
    USDoT - Federal Highway Administration Page
    USGS - US Geological Survey
    NTIS - National Technical Information Service
    MWRD - Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago


    Water Resource Organizations

    ASFM - Association of State Floodplain Managers
    ILMA - Illinois lake Management Association
    Kane Co., IL: Stormwater Management Planning Committee
    Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District
    McHenry County SWCD
    NACD - The National Association of Conservation Districts
    CMAP - Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
    North Cook County SWCD
    Openlands Project
    Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District Council
    NIWCA - Upper Des Plaines River Ecosystem Partnership


    NOAA, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

    HPC, Hydro Meteorology Prediction Center

    NCDC - National Climatic Data Center
    National Weather Service - Illinois
    NWS - Illinois Flood Statements & Warnings
    NWS - Illinois Climatic Data
    NWS - Illinois Hydrological Data
    NWS - Illinois Flood Warning Data
    NWS - Illinois Zone Data
    NWS - Illinois Special Statement Data
    NWS - Illinois Flood Statements Data


    National Weather Service - Indiana
    NWS - Indiana Flood Statements & Warnings
    NWS - Indiana Climatic Data
    NWS - Indiana Hydrological Data
    NWS - Indiana Flood Warning Data
    NWS - Indiana Zone Data
    NWS - Indiana Special Statement Data
    NWS - Indiana Flood Statements Data


    National Weather Service - Iowa
    NWS - Iowa Flood Statements & Warnings
    NWS - Iowa Climatic Data
    NWS - Iowa Hydrological Data
    NWS - Iowa Flood Warning Data
    NWS - Iowa Flood Statements Data
    NWS - Iowa Zone Data
    NWS - Iowa Special Statement Data


    National Weather Service - Kentucky
    NWS - Kentucky Flood Statements & Warnings
    NWS - Kentucky Climatic Data
    NWS - Kentucky Hydrological Data
    NWS - Kentucky Flood Warning Data
    NWS - Kentucky Zone Data
    NWS - Kentucky Special Statement Data
    NWS - Kentucky Flood Statements Data


    National Weather Service - Missouri
    NWS - Missouri Flood Statements & Warnings
    NWS - Missouri Climatic Data
    NWS - Missouri Hydrological Data
    NWS - Missouri Flood Warning Data
    NWS - Missouri Zone Data
    NWS - Missouri Special Statement Data
    NWS - Missouri Flood Statements Data


    National Weather Service - Wisconsin
    NWS - Wisconsin Climatic Data
    NWS - Wisconsin Hydrological Data
    NWS - Wisconsin Flood Warning Data
    NWS - Wisconsin Zone Data
    NWS - Wisconsin Special Statement Data
    NWS - Wisconsin Flood Statements Data








    Intellicast - USA Weather
    Intellicast - United States Radar
    Intellicast - National Radar Loop
    Intellicast - Midwest Radar loop
    Intellicast - Illinois Local Weather

    Intellicast - Chicago Precipitation Estimate

    Intellicast - Springfield Radar Image
    University of Illinois Midwestern Regional Climate Center




    NGS - National Geodetic Survey Home Page
    NGS - Data Sheet By State and Designation
    NGS - Data Sheet By Area