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Current Events and Meetings

August, 2015

OWR hosted a Resiliency Academy as part of the HUD NRCS grant competition and attended a public meeting in Roanoke to determine a recommended Resiliency Plan. The State's application plan has dropped to 6 target areas, combining some and reducing others. Another meeting is scheduled for August 25th in Chicago.


State model stormwater ordinance review expected to be complete by August 31.


Illinois Flood Risk Management team continues acquiring levee data across the State and coordinating with National Levee Database.


Stratton Lock had 9,960 boats lock through this season to date, 769 last week which is below average for this time of year. Suspension of the contractor's work at the lock and dam began June 30, 2015 due to lack of re-appropriation in an enacted bill and is ongoing, resulting in longer lock times.


Maintenance continued at Algonquin Dam, Stratton Dam, and Crissenberry Dam while construction work at various dams has been suspended pending re-appropriations. A Corps of Engineers 404 permit was issued for Danville Dam.


Flood inspections at community of Fall Creek to investigate causes for recent flooding.


Water table installed for State Fair in Conservation World Discovery Tent.


Twenty One permits granted.


Busse Woods Dam Modification dedication ceremony was atended by OWR Director, Dan Injerd. Dan is participating in a civil suit against the Village of Crestwood and officials as an expert witness.


A presentation to Lake County SMC has been scheduled for late September.


A meeting to discuss the aquifer in the Joliet and Yorkville area has been set for October.


The Annual Streamgage Network Cooperator's meeting was held and a presentation on Lake DePeu was given.


OWR assisted the Hickory Creek Watershed Association and the Spring Creek Restoration Project in Will County.


Work on projects in Ashland, Dieterich, Dwight, Watseka, Hillsboro, Danville, Des Plaines, Springfield, Joliet, Jacksonville, Dixon, Morris, Geneseo, Utica, Rockford and others are ongoing.



Applicants continue preparing for Phase 2 of the National Disaster Resiliency Competition.  

Construction will continue this summer at Stratton Lock and Dam.  The sluice gate structure is 75 years old and is deteriorating.  A new gate structure is being constructing upstream of the existing sluice gates.  The sluice gate structure will remain operational until the new gate structure is completed. The lock will be extended downstream to double the boat capacity.   The lock construction will be completed during the non-boating season, November 1 thru April 30.  

The lock seawalls have been cut to finished grade and cap reinstalled.  Formwork and reinforcement continues for the gate structure footing. Temporary sheet pile has been driven to hold back the excavation for the gate structure along the west island between roughly the north and south Phase 1 gate cofferdam limits.  Contractor received delivery of intake grating and quoin post cover plates and installed erosion control blanket around the site where earth moving activities have ceased.  PGE stockpile was moved away from the east lock wall as required to meet design parameters. The lockhouse electrical control equipment continues to be evaluated/modified as needed to provide for efficient lock operation as lock staff continues to be trained on the use of the new system.  Topsoil and seeding of north berm is anticipated to be finalized this week as weather allows.  Miscellaneous site electrical control wiring work continues.  

The lock will remain opened during the boating season. The lock has been open since May 1, 2015 and 1,107 boats have been locked through with an average of just over 300 a week.

Robert Cawthorne has posted a video of the Lock and Dam on Vimeo.