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Crystal Creek

Project Phase 2 

Phase 1 and Phase 2 sections of the project from River Road to the upstream side of the railroad yard have been completed. 

Crystal Creek Phase 2A is currently under construction and nearly complete, comprising a channel improvement from the west edge of Schiller Park railroad upstream to the State Tollway Authority, and incorporating environmental design features.

Phase IIB includes channel improvements on Sister Stream and Sexton Ditch.

When completed the improvements will serve to protect the Village of Schiller Park and Franklin Park from the massive flood damages they have felt in the past.

Flooding Issues

Schiller Park experienced 6"-9" of rain July 24, 2010 flooding numerous homes, damaging property and forcing road closures. 

The Project Components

The project consists of widening the existing natural channel by constructing a rectangular channel with an 18 to 28 foot wide natural bottom. The channel walls will vary in height (between 9 and 12 feet) and be constructed out of large segmental concrete blocks. This gravity type of wall, without tie-backs, was necessary due to the limited availability of right-of-way and desire to minimize the impact of property acquisition to the local homeowner.

Along with the nearly ½ mile long channel improvement, seven pedestrian bridges are being built along with one double concrete box extension, additional barrels are being added to two existing box culverts, and three existing stream crossings are being removed and replaced with new double concrete box culverts.

Phase IIB will involve channel improvements on Sister Stream and Sexton Ditch. 

This project will remove 261 structures from the 100 year flood plain.

The Village of Schiller Park maintains a blog updating progress on construction of the project.