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Administrative Services


The Division of Administrative Service maintains fiscal records, establishes internal methods and procedures, including cost system and analysis, and supervises matters affecting financial and administrative transactions relating to personnel and business management. Accounts are maintained to reflect the use of funds appropriated for flood control, navigation, or other water resource projects authorized by the General Assembly.


General Accounting
a. Formulates and executes budget, prepares financial reports,
b. Maintains fiscal and property control records,
c. Conducts general accounting activities for the Office,
d. Prepares purchasing orders, Personnel
a. Process Personnel transactions,
b. Maintains personnel policies and rules,
c. Reviews position descriptions,
d. Orders office supplies and equipment,

a. Performs payroll functions and maintains attendance records,
b. Coordinates special promotions, i.e. Savings, S.E.C.C.A., etc,

Central Files
a. Central filing,
b. Distributes correspondence for an appropriate action,
c. Coordinates and maintains record retention and disposal,

Special Services
a. Coordinates sponsorship agreements,
b. Monitors legislation involving water resource activities,
c. Coordinates legal matters with Office of Chief Counsel,
d. Promotes employee safety and processes Workman's Compensation claims.