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Division of Program Development


This Division's main areas of responsibility involve budget programming and development, policy analysis, water resources research, water law, interstate relations and federal agencies liaison functions. The Division of Program Development is responsible for compiling and analyzing physical and economic data to determine present and projected future water resource issues and problems and formulating the most economical solutions and policies to address these water resource problems.

This Division's main functions involve the development, and monitoring the implementation of, the Office of Water Resources Water Development Program GRF budget, the Water Resource Capital Projects CDF Funding Program, and five year capital improvement funding program.

This Division has the lead role for policy level liaison with Federal agencies and interstate organizations along with the management of the Office of Water Resources long range research program, policy development, function and management of the State Water Plan Task Force and Drought Response Task Force.



  • Recommends budget - Develops, prioritizes, and maintains the Office of Water Resources's long range capital improvement program budget and related technical studies budget.

  • Manages studies and projects - Negotiates and recommends cost-sharing funding requirements for federal projects and works with local sponsors for successful implementation of local project agreements with federal agencies.

  • Maintains liaison with Federal Agencies - Participates in river basin organizations and interstate planning. Prepares state positions and testimony on the annual Corps budget and Corps' biennial Omnibus Authorization Bill.

  • Develops Water Resources Programs - Conducts policy and program research in water law, water supply, and development and management of surface and groundwater resources.

  • Conducts project research - Develops models for water supply planning and groundwater management and procedures for project economic evaluations.

  • Monitors projects - Maintains coordination and cooperation with other state and federal agencies and citizens groups on multipurpose water resource projects and investigations.