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  2. Article number 2 - Your Wildlife and Fish Fund
  3. Article number 3 - Trails Connect People & Places
  4. Article number 4 - Spring Turkey Hunting in Illinois
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  •  Watch What Happened at Conservation Congress 2014!

    On Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources convened Conservation Congress 2014: Charting a Course to Protect and Preserve Our Natural Resources in Springfield. The gathering featured panel discussions on the agency’s role as conserver of Illinois’ natural resources and the future of apex predators in Illinois. In addition, IDNR staff facilitated 12 breakout sessions with members of the public providing their recommendations to move issues forward. The results will be posted soon on our website and will be available for public comment. Stay tuned!

    April 11, 2014 Webcast: Preserving & Protecting Our Natural Resources Through Advocacy & Regulation (panel discussion)

    April 12, 2014 Webcast: Apex Predators in Illinois: Now and in the Future (panel discussion) and The Results of the Breakout Sessions

  •  Your Wildlife and Fish Fund

    Thank you for supporting conservation by purchasing a hunting or fishing license. Your license dollars are deposited into the state's Wildlife and Fish Fund. Money collected from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, stamps and other related fees can only be used for projects such as fish stocking, population surveys, habitat projects and conservation police officers who protect fish and wildlife.
  •  Trails Connect People & PlacesTrails Connect People & Places

    Illinois offers a remarkable variety of bike trails, providing countless opportunities to experience the state’s diverse natural resources and communities. Trails offer recreation and transportation within communities, connecting neighborhoods, businesses, schools and parks. Trails also connect communities with each other. Trails are often located within greenways, which help to protect open space resources.

    Trails offer Illinois’ citizens and visitors an enjoyable way to contribute to their health and physical fitness. In addition to the bike trails shown in this brochure, five miles or greater, many communities provide multi-purpose paths, bike lanes and designated bike routes on streets.

  •  Turkey HuntingSpring Turkey Hunting in Illinois

    Illinois’ spring wild turkey hunting season has become one of the state’s most popular outdoor activities. The thriving population of wild turkeys in Illinois is a remarkable wildlife restoration success story. Wild turkeys disappeared from the Illinois landscape in the early 1900s. The state began a restoration effort by releasing wild-trapped birds in southern Illinois in 1958, and hunting resumed with the state’s first modern turkey season in 1970 – with a statewide harvest of 25 birds. Thanks to the support of landowners, hunters and conservation organizations, the wild turkey flock today attracts thousands of hunters throughout Illinois, with the spring turkey harvest topping 14,000 birds in 2013.
  •  Illinois DNRDNR Facts and Figures

    The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) strongly impacts the economy of the State of Illinois. From State Parks to outdoor recreation to regulation and permitting, the economic benefits of IDNR activities reach statewide. Activities associated with IDNR support 90,000 jobs and at least $32 billion worth of economic impact annually.

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