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Kids in Action - August 2016

Charlee Thompson
Edwardsville High School
Edwardsville, Madison County


Charlee was one of the winners of the 2016 Illinois Conservation Foundation’s Conservation Achievement Scholarships. Charlee has worked on many conservation-based activities in her life. During her freshman year in high school, she was among the organizers of an environmental club at the school.  They started small with schoolwide awareness campaigns on many topics and then expanded to projects for the school district and the community, initiating a “No Idling” campaign for the school district and implementing a partnership with a local nature center. Charlee was appointed by the mayor of Edwardsville to the Cool Cities Initiative Advisory Committee, a committee dedicated to improving environmental conditions in the city. She was the youngest committee member. She created an official city event, “Edwardsville Unplugged,” an acoustic concert in support of the World Wildlife Fund’s international event, “Earth Hour.” This event is now held annually in Edwardsville. She worked with an environmentalist from northern Illinois on the goal of making closer environmental connections between the southern and northern sections of the state. One of the results was that Charlee helped to create the nonprofit “Illinois Youth Environmental Network” organization.