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Apply for 'Over 75' Refund 

HB4329, states that hunting, fishing license will be reduced to $1 and comb hunting/fishing will be $2.  Stamps – salmon, inland trout, waterfowl and habitat will be a no IDNR fee for Illinois Resident Senior Citizens 75 years of age and older. It was was signed into law on August 1, 2014. Please read the FAQ below. If you are entitled to a refund, please complete the Refund Form.


1. Where can I get these new licenses and stamps?
A. You can get these at any regular vendor or purchase online

2. I was charged the old price.
A. Our systems are still being changed so the new price is not being charged. However, you can request a refund.

3. How do I request a refund?
A. You can fill out the refund form Over 75 Refund and submit it to the address on the form. Refunds will only be given to Seniors who purchased the licenses or stamps after the law was signed which was August 1, 2014. Licenses and stamps purchased prior to the law going into effect are not eligible for a refund. 

4. How long do I have to send in my request for refund?
A. We will accept request for refund forms until December 31, 2014. Remember we will only accept request for refund on purchases made on or after August 1, 2014 and before October 1, 2014.