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Board Members and Staff 

Board Members:

R. Dan Gooch, Chair
Dr. Joyce Hofmann, Vice-chair
Dr. Jeffery Walk, Secretary
Lenore Beyer-Clow
Dr. Janice Coons
Dr. Jeremie Fant
Vernon LaVia
James Robinett
Randy Schietzelt
IDNR Director, Wayne Rosenthal, non-voting member

Board Staff:

Anne Mankowski, Director
Vacant, Listing and Recovery Coordinator - Animals
Vacant, Listing and Recovery Coordinator - Plants
Vacant, Data Specialist
Vacant, Executive Assistant 

For further information, contact staff:

Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, Illlinois 62702-1271
217-785-8687 (Phone)
217-785--2438 (Fax)